Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rack and Soul

The eatin’ establishment of Rack and Soul on 109th street has, according to Menupages the “Best fried chicken and BBQ EVER”. Now, y’all, I done had my share of some good ol’ BBQ in my time. My Unkie Dale makes ‘round ‘bout forty pounds of what I’m supposin’s the best BBQ in the state of North Cackalackee for family gatherings. So, I’d reckon my BBQ standards are right ‘bout pretty dad-gum high. So, I made up ma mine to head on uptown last Sundee with my book club and call them Yankee’s BBQ bluff.

First things first; make y’all-selves a reservation. That restaurant is tee-tiny and when we got up in that place, we had to wait a good forty-five minutes to set down in them red vinyl chairs to have us some supper. When we done set down, though, let me tell you, that food came right quick. Hoo wee, those was some right good biscuits to wet our whistles and that sweet lil lady waiter done brought em out hot, too. We was all spread out over two tables since that place didn’t have none of them big tables for folks eatin’ with more than four, but when them biscuits showed up, ever one of us dove for them biscuits like a hog that ain’t seen slop in a coon’s age. Then, I had me a big ol’ half rack a ribs, some candied yams, an’ a side a collard greens. That was some fine southern cookin’ I’ll say for sure. I’d reckon finer than a frog’s hair split four ways. Them collard greens was the best I had in a while an I ate up them candied yams like they was gonna disappear. I’m on say they makin’ some good ribs up on the upper west side, but I ain’t so sure they worth goin’ all the way up there to get ‘em. Daisy Mae’s on 46th, I reckon is a little better and a little closer. And considerin’ I’m busier than a one-legged man in a butt kickin’ contest, I have an idée I might not be back up there any time soon. It’s a nice chaw, though, if you’re moseyin’ around the upper west side and wanna little down home cookin’, stop on by. If you want REAL good down home cookin’, come on down to Unkie Dale’s at Chrustmastime. It’ll make ya happier than a hungry tick on a fat dog.

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