Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Is Everything So Much Cuter When It's Mini?

Okay, I'll admit it.  I buy toiletries in travel sizes when I'm not planning to travel.  I buy them just because they're cute.  Yes, I know it's not remotely cost-efficient.  Yes, I know that I can just buy clear plastic bottles and refill them.  I don't care.  Mini sizes are cute.  And I will shell out more dough to bask in their shiny little shrunken new-ness.  Perhaps it's because I had such an affinity for Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid.  (Apparently, that's dating myself).  Who knows.  Who cares?  (Well, other than the mini-making-folks that are reaping the benefits of my fiscal irresponsibility).  In short, minis make me happy.  Well, a few days ago, I found a little shop in Manhattan that played perfectly to my pint-sized predilection.

After a lovely dinner with my friend Bomboy, we happened upon a little establishment called "Baked by Melissa" on the walk from Lucy's (see past blog) toward the Sondheim Theatre.  Now, us New York folks are accustomed to seeing and experiencing every square inch of space on our little island filled with stuff, so the vast emptiness of this bake shop was the exact thing that caught my eye.  Well, and the name.  I mean . . . we'll just say . . . not the most creative.  But, there WAS a sort of homey quaintness to it as well.

"Look, this is cute", remarked Bomboy.  I didn't hear her - I was already dazedly walking through Melissa's door.  In front of me stood a wall of mini cupcakes.  They were brightly colored, perfectly iced, and adorably bite-sized.  Minis!!!  My Pavlovian kindergarten Shrinky Dink reaction jump-started my salivatory glands and I hungrily gravitated toward the rainbow sparkly baked goods.  (Duh).  Bomboy, obviously much more the adult than I, quietly contemplated the pricing.  I followed her gaze to the board that listed the mini cupcake pricing and lo and behold, the prices were anything but small.  One dollar per cupcake.  These bite-sized amuse bouche cupcakes were a full dollar.  Each.  A small bell went off in my head and a tiny voice whispered "overpriced", but it was quickly drowned out by my NEED for one of those cute little mini cupcakes.  Bomboy shelled out two bucks for our treats (thanks!) and we, in the interest of conservation, consumed them in two bites (instead of one).  Brilliant.  A perfect little treat.  Any more, actually, would have been too much.  (Even though, obviously, if I had had two, I would definitely have made them disappear somehow).  I was satisfied with my little treat and, interestingly, not too upset that I (well, Bomboy) was short one dollar.

So, "Baked by Melissa" was not the most exciting blog experience I've ever had.  Perhaps the likes of paintball and trapeze school were much more involved, but I was interestingly just as invigorated by my little new mini-adventure as I had been by my more adventurous adventures.  I tried something new, changed up my routine, and had a fun little time doing it.  The moral of the story?  Mini adventures, much like mini cupcakes, are often just as rewarding as their larger counterparts.  Word.