Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eggs in the City

Okay, it’s not in New York proper, but I tried something new and it was cute, so I’m going to write about it. So . . . there’s a new little joint on Park avenue in Weehawken across from the Bubbles Laundromat called “Eggs in the City”. From the outside, it looks a little suspect, it’s adjacent to a condemned building, and I happen to be able to recall at least two other establishments that have been in its location in the past few years. Nevertheless, in honor of the Sex and the City craze of late, Upstairs Rachael and I decided to check it out while our laundry was in the washer.

A-Dorable! The small diner-style restaurant was set up around a bar where we could watch our good looking chef cook up our eggs (or sandwiches, etc) and our sweet server made every effort to ensure we had everything we needed, including offering up extra blueberries for Rachael's waffle. Our water was poured from a pitcher with lemons and ice and our coffee was fresh and served up with splenda and skim milk. It was obvious that these folks had really made an effort to put together the best restaurant they could. Including a flat screen television in the back corner. Oh, and the price tag? Our total bill including 2 cups of coffee, waffles for Rach, egg white omelette for me, and tip for our attentive server? $18. Can't beat it. I actually had a much nicer meal than Sarabeth's (see past blog). Who knew?

When I see sweet little mom and pop restaurants (or, in this case, madre and padre), I truly want them to succeed. I, for one, will be visiting for breakfast every laundry day. If you're in the neighborhood, you should, too.

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